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Attention whore

IF you think I am seeking attention and approval, you are correct… I know I am gorgeous from the inside out, and I am
Not afraid to say it and I have come to the conclusion that I Love being worshipped!!
He or she who says that seeking attention and approval is bad and a sign of lack in confidence, think Again, knowing you are a Good person in looks and personality doesnt mean you dont want to hear it every once in a while!

I am not ashamed of how I look and have never Been, thats why I dont have Any problems showing off My body, yes I Will continue With that in 2015!! IF you dont like it, dont look!! IF you think its wrong, dont look, IF you Love it…keep an eye open!!

Why is nudity taboo? Coming up later this month…

Why is loving your body wrong?
Also coming up later this month…

I might Love My body, but 2014 has Been as struggle mentally, I crashed hard and With a Bang… Dont misunderstand My self confidence With My vulnerable Mind!

Analysing myself is a bitch because I know the answers to most problems but the ones I really want answered are the hardest to find a solution to! I am about to make My lifes hardest decisions in the upcoming days…

“Its hard to hold a candle in the cold November Rain”… Guns N Roses

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Love you even More in 2015