Christina Valente

New year, new blog, new life!

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Love me harder, It might surprise you…

I am not the sharpest tool in the Box sometimes, but thats just the way I am…
I dont expect you to understand How I reason and If I do wrong According to ground rules I Will still have Done it wrong most passionately With all My heart, My style!

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“If you doubt, Love me harder”
Christina Valente

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How did that happen? Is it February already? I just woke up from New years eve morning after… strange… Time flies, not in a negative way, but it would be fun if it felt like more than two seconds ago I got married or five seconds ago we got Iris etc!

Enjoying life together with my loved ones, I just want it to last forever…


Love life but not too fast forward…


summer 2012


Split ,Croatia 2012? What happened in-between?



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Private access

I cant say I have very Much to share with you except for My thoughts… Not Much happens besides work, school, Robin, The dogs, eating, sleeping, and Those topics are pretty Much The same everyday!! Bloggers who share Every single detail of Their life from when they wake up until they go to bed, I salute you, I dont have that Much time to spend in front of The Phone or computer and I already think I am
Spending to Much time as it is!!

Philosophy is one of My favourite subjects, amongst all other bits N pieces of Every other topic!!! Haha!! Tomorrow Its psychology and The day after Maths, etc etc…

Love life and what goes on around Us!!