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Mary and The cake

The look on Marys face with pretty Much everything that is edible in this house!!

Waiting and Hoping food Will come falling down on The floor by accident!

You would think she is starving…

Love My “starving” Mary



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Life and death blogging…

Had a pretty interesting topic for blogging yesterday, hate it when I dont write it down immediately because now I cant remember everything I needed to say… you know those words that just fall into place and make sense and then they dont come back to you until later in life…

Anyway I been to Goodstore to pick up my favourite milk, Coconut Dream, Isola Bio and Koko milk, picked up some multipurpose cleansing spray as well, it has the most darling scent of pink grapefruit, I just love it! Try Method for you senses and for your health. They have a various range of home cleaning products, washing detergent, hand soap etc. Its a shame they dont have more of their line at Goodstore, dont know otherwise where I can find them in Sweden.

I’ve done pretty good with my Veganism, except for a few occasions, but I cant say I’ve given up the thought I just don’t want to rush into it, have to learn more about cooking and stuff, since the best thing ever I know is raw food, at least as raw as it can get except for the thing you have to cook, I am not talking about Raw Food as the diet but un-cooked/prepared veggies and fruits. The best thing I know is veggie-wok with a Sweet Chili, Sriracha, Sambal Oelek, Chili, Hot chili sauce. All fresh produce and a splash of this sauce just as the veggies just get a kiss from the heat of the stove and then I spice it up with the sauce!! Talk about heat, I sometimes wonder when eating that dish if its warm or just the sauce burning in my mouth!!

Jump from one thing to another again…


Mary is pretty much fully recovered from her surgery, *phew* but I shouldnt relax just yet, 14 days from surgery is when I can finally relax, until then I have to check for abscesses and bad smell from her mouth. What I wouldnt do for my loved ones!!

Have to get going now… Hope that topic and the words pops back to my mind later on… hate it hate it hate it when that happens.


Monster Mary says watch out or else… ❤

Love words…



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Snow white crystals…

I was writing The longest blog ever yesterday but I fell asleep in The middle of Everything! Haha! When I woke up It was all gone, Damn! Haha! Well, I wont start all Over again, I leave it for another day! Yesterday We went out to eat at Osteria where it all started 11 years ago… little Did I know that Robin had another surprise up his sleeve!! Another Nialaya bracelet!! 😃 still lying in bed now and dont feel like getting up just to take a picture of The bracelets yet, Will do later! Flashing Mary and Iris instead while doing Their morning routines!!

Love My family!


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Karma is a bitch…at least The dogs are fed now!

This is what you get for making your dogs wait for Their food!! Since both of My babies are on a strict chicken and rice diet I have to prepare The rice once in a while before meal time and this is what I get for making The dogs wait… Haha, second degree burns or Whatever exists on My hand!! then again…Anything for My babies!! ❤



Hunk-a hunk-a burning hand love


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Well I decided to go vegan in 2014, and I still am trying to go vegan, but…there is a but, my chase for food was already hard as it was when including lacto-ovo in my diet, I have decided to meet myself halfways…when available I always choose vegan, when not I will at least try to choose something as friendly as possible, organic or local. So semi-vegan but for my own good, since I eat out most of the time, I have to allow myself to include it when no other options are available! I have never been that fond of milk or eggs, they’ve always just been around, but going vegan isn’t that hard at all if you cook at home or eat at home all the time! My all-time favourite since a couple of months back is Kokodairyfree, It’s a dream!! Coconuts in any kind of shape and size is delicious, imagine it creamy and smooth just as regular milk tastes but without the dairy, and for those who have a hard time with the flavour, this one has just a hint in the background, it doesnt take over the whole flavour palette!

I cant call myself 100 % vegan but my heart is always going to be a 100 % devoted to find the best vegetarian option available when vegan is not available!! Hate me or love me but my heart is always in the right place!


Coconutty Love