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New year, new blog, new life!

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How did that happen? Is it February already? I just woke up from New years eve morning after… strange… Time flies, not in a negative way, but it would be fun if it felt like more than two seconds ago I got married or five seconds ago we got Iris etc!

Enjoying life together with my loved ones, I just want it to last forever…


Love life but not too fast forward…


summer 2012


Split ,Croatia 2012? What happened in-between?




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When getting an idea inside My Mind I dont let it go until I’ve come up with a solution for it… Lets Call it one of My obsessive behaviours!! I decided to go and fix some stuff today and Returned back home an hour ago, now I can put another check mark on My to-do list!!
I would also call it Productive if I would use another Word for it…

Love action



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Anniversary Over soon

I got Flowers for our anniversary and a really pretty Nialaya bracelet!!

Happy me!! 🙂
Just got back home from a photoshoot at Katjas studio! She is amazing that Woman!
One year ago I got married in her dress!! Thanks Katja for lending it to me!! it made me look like a princess on My special day!!!! ❤

Love is all we need!!



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Karma is a bitch…at least The dogs are fed now!

This is what you get for making your dogs wait for Their food!! Since both of My babies are on a strict chicken and rice diet I have to prepare The rice once in a while before meal time and this is what I get for making The dogs wait… Haha, second degree burns or Whatever exists on My hand!! then again…Anything for My babies!! ❤



Hunk-a hunk-a burning hand love