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Angry letter about dog poop!

If I would ever write one of these letters…Yes it crossed My Mind several times… Well I couldnt have Said it better My self!!


He who leaves his dogs Poop on The ground shall be dragged through The Gates of hell and back and Will finally be covered in and fed with Poop!!! Yes I Said Poop!!! Poop poop poop poop!!!
Poop for a Poop!! Well The letter says somethings different but I would really love to see Peoples reaction in My neighborhood When reading this! Shall i start a war against The lazy asses? Thoughts and comments? To be continued…

Love to hate poop!!!!



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Mary and The cake

The look on Marys face with pretty Much everything that is edible in this house!!

Waiting and Hoping food Will come falling down on The floor by accident!

You would think she is starving…

Love My “starving” Mary



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Keeping up with The Poop!!

I must be The only living soul who is keeping a journal of her dogs bowel movements!! I know Its Nothing of The usual, but I rather have Answers at The vets When it starts spooking Than being clueless! Mary had a pretty rough last year with a near death experience… Like I wrote in one of My earlier posts…a Poop that is left on The ground (not talking about Marys but I was reffering to them who leave it on the ground) to grow bacterias can do Much damage… It almost killed her because of some bacteria from someone elses poop that reached her pancreas and made it go wild and Crazy on her body… The pancreas has a function of sending out enzymes that reacts and breaks down proteins when we eat amongst its tasks… Marys pancreas was so damaged that it started sending out enzymes to break down The organs in her body… Luckily they stopped it in time… Wonder Why I keep track of her poop… Here is your answer!! One week at The animal hospital was not only expensive but heart breaking… I wish no-one that Horror ever!! Keep track of your dogs normal behaviours and examine them frequently and you Will easier know When something is different Than usual!!

Love health!



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Life and death blogging…

Had a pretty interesting topic for blogging yesterday, hate it when I dont write it down immediately because now I cant remember everything I needed to say… you know those words that just fall into place and make sense and then they dont come back to you until later in life…

Anyway I been to Goodstore to pick up my favourite milk, Coconut Dream, Isola Bio and Koko milk, picked up some multipurpose cleansing spray as well, it has the most darling scent of pink grapefruit, I just love it! Try Method for you senses and for your health. They have a various range of home cleaning products, washing detergent, hand soap etc. Its a shame they dont have more of their line at Goodstore, dont know otherwise where I can find them in Sweden.

I’ve done pretty good with my Veganism, except for a few occasions, but I cant say I’ve given up the thought I just don’t want to rush into it, have to learn more about cooking and stuff, since the best thing ever I know is raw food, at least as raw as it can get except for the thing you have to cook, I am not talking about Raw Food as the diet but un-cooked/prepared veggies and fruits. The best thing I know is veggie-wok with a Sweet Chili, Sriracha, Sambal Oelek, Chili, Hot chili sauce. All fresh produce and a splash of this sauce just as the veggies just get a kiss from the heat of the stove and then I spice it up with the sauce!! Talk about heat, I sometimes wonder when eating that dish if its warm or just the sauce burning in my mouth!!

Jump from one thing to another again…


Mary is pretty much fully recovered from her surgery, *phew* but I shouldnt relax just yet, 14 days from surgery is when I can finally relax, until then I have to check for abscesses and bad smell from her mouth. What I wouldnt do for my loved ones!!

Have to get going now… Hope that topic and the words pops back to my mind later on… hate it hate it hate it when that happens.


Monster Mary says watch out or else… ❤

Love words…



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Not a lazy writer…

…just Been Busy… Tomorrow is a big day!! Robin and I are celebrating 1 year as a married couple and 11 years together!! Who knew that we would end up meeting and that it would last this long? He is just The sweetest, kindest, most compassionate Guy with a heart of gold!! These guys are rare… But they exist and he is My rare wonderful Guy!!!

How do I know that among other things… Whenever there is an animal that has had issues in life of Any kind and has trouble trusting People or others they turn to Robin first, if thats not a good sign I dont know what Is!!

Animals know who can be trusted or not, they just have that built in sense!! Went to an animal Shelter in Miami for an eventual adoption of a shy agressive chihuahua that had Been in a violent family where The men beat him…He walked straight to Robin and sat in his lap, The other men that Came in to the room got The Evil eye from that little darling Scooby! I hope he finally found a good loving home!! Miss My Scooby, he would have ended up here if The paper work would have Been filled out properly! I was so sad Having to say goodbye!!

If you want to make a contribution to The Shelter visit Animal Aid
And Leave a donation! You can make a difference!!

From one topic to another, we should Love all living creatures!!

11 years of true love and many mores to come…