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New year, new blog, new life!

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Fooood dilemma!!

Todays reflection:
We say Peppar Peppar in Sweden to avoid to drag negativity to Us from the conversation…but…our Dogs havent Been ill for Almost 2 years now… And by that I mean less than before….We Been there 2 Times a year approx… Comparing to Marys health report before she was at the vets once a month… Now she has Been at the vets to check her teeth and to check her eyes and some elderly issues With her legs but nothing lifethreatening… Could the only magic trick that does The difference be the food? Guess what… I think IT is!!

They are only served chicken, rice and food in its purest form… To that I add vitamins and minerals like Spirulina and Other natural additives like eggshells to Maintain the balance in all nutrients… Once in a while I pop them some “treats” but thats It… No junk in their trunk!!!

Time for me to dump the junk as well… Yesterday I had all kind of sweets, potatoes and Langos and more junk… and guess how I feel today? 😬 Nauseous!! Eat to live not Live to eat… couldnt be more true now!!!

Love Christina


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Today is The day My little princess Kiara moves in to town!! Now I can cuddle with her all day long if I want to!!

The greatest love of all… Kiara, Iris and Mary captured by Katja Elmen At Zinq studios



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I am completely broken down into small pieces… My muscles in My body are not obeying anymore! My Brain has Its own functions!
Constant heart rush, panic attacks… You name it… I could do Without…
Sorry for not updating you with Much more Than with this little piece!
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Photo: Katja Elmen Zinq Studios

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Gamble away birthday…

If you dont Gamble you never win!

This night was a Gamble… Didnt know How it would turn out and it turned out just as crazy and fun as one would wish for, hit The jackpot big time!

From birthday to Burgers to Baileys to Betting to Birthdaycake Brownies to Iphone 6!! Haha! A little bit of everything this Evening!!
Just The way We like it…

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a real Horror movie but today I felt better…
As long as I have My friends who love and support me When I feel bad I can get through anything! (Well almost anything)
You know who you are!

Love you till death!!




Catch My breath…

Woke up trying to catch My breath, thought it would go away but The hours went by… Suddenly it was unbearable… I had a heartrush from
The moment I woke up until a couple of hours ago… At The ER they connected me to some machines and a few hours later with painful torture treatment with Adenosin I was all exhausted… Imagine someone choking you… Twice… Not a pleasant feeling…
Your Faith in The hands of The doctors…

I felt like a kid again!!
One feels pretty tiny in this big world When you are vulnerable!



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One little Word, a sound, a Place, can make a complete twist and turn, like Pavlovs dog I have a trigger signal that kickstarts a chemical reaction in My Brain!! It causes My Brain activity to go from Zero to a hundred in just an instant!

Welcome to My Brain!

And just as easily there are sounds, places and words that turns it off…

Right now I am in a red zone…
Anxiety and panicattacks building up…
Something kickstarted it… unfortunately The only thing that could turn it off right now is far away…