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New year, new blog, new life!

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Snow white crystals…

I was writing The longest blog ever yesterday but I fell asleep in The middle of Everything! Haha! When I woke up It was all gone, Damn! Haha! Well, I wont start all Over again, I leave it for another day! Yesterday We went out to eat at Osteria where it all started 11 years ago… little Did I know that Robin had another surprise up his sleeve!! Another Nialaya bracelet!! 😃 still lying in bed now and dont feel like getting up just to take a picture of The bracelets yet, Will do later! Flashing Mary and Iris instead while doing Their morning routines!!

Love My family!


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Not a lazy writer…

…just Been Busy… Tomorrow is a big day!! Robin and I are celebrating 1 year as a married couple and 11 years together!! Who knew that we would end up meeting and that it would last this long? He is just The sweetest, kindest, most compassionate Guy with a heart of gold!! These guys are rare… But they exist and he is My rare wonderful Guy!!!

How do I know that among other things… Whenever there is an animal that has had issues in life of Any kind and has trouble trusting People or others they turn to Robin first, if thats not a good sign I dont know what Is!!

Animals know who can be trusted or not, they just have that built in sense!! Went to an animal Shelter in Miami for an eventual adoption of a shy agressive chihuahua that had Been in a violent family where The men beat him…He walked straight to Robin and sat in his lap, The other men that Came in to the room got The Evil eye from that little darling Scooby! I hope he finally found a good loving home!! Miss My Scooby, he would have ended up here if The paper work would have Been filled out properly! I was so sad Having to say goodbye!!

If you want to make a contribution to The Shelter visit Animal Aid
And Leave a donation! You can make a difference!!

From one topic to another, we should Love all living creatures!!

11 years of true love and many mores to come…



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Life is like a box of chocolate…not Mine!!


This is The look on my dogs faces everytime we take a step outside When Its not summer and dry on The ground! They are such drama queens!!! Mary has Been circulating around The park for The perfect spot to Poop!! Good Luck finding one!
During our walk we met My Boss and his dog Mr Big and then Iris started screaming like she was stung by a bee! Mr Big gave her the “idontknowwhatyouarescreamingabout” 🙂 look, like a big dog usually does When seeing and hearing My tiny monsters, she still didnt shut up!! Once scared, always afraid! *sigh*

Other news from last Friday is I got promoted to store manager at Our Black Box Svarta LĂ„dan shop at MĂ€ster Samuelsgatan!! Make sure you stop by and get yourself nourished!! The food is delicious! I bet you are never Going back to eating dull food again!!
Last day at Our shop at Hötorget today…

Svarta LĂ„dan

…See you at MĂ€ster Svarta LĂ„dan from Tuesday!! Be there or Else!! 🙂


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Ban fireworks!

Open letter to all my friends out there who shoot fireworks!
Hope you accidentally burn off a finger or two this year or in the upcoming year since nothing else seems to make you give up shooting… animals suffer every New Year because of your egoistic money spending on fireworks that do nothing more than kill and scare and burn off millions and millions of any kind of currency Every year around The world, so it is only more than right that people should have to suffer a loss of limb or eye especially if thats The only thing that makes Them realize They are harming others and not only themselves!!

If I make someone upset or angry with my statement … No I really do not care about you, I care about those who cannot escape their suffering caused by others! Those who choose to harm don’t deserve to be spared, if they can’t see it with their own eyes, they might have to lose an eye or an arm to wake up and realize their mistakes!
Have seen so many “missing dog” posts on Facebook and luckily 2/3 of all dogs are found from this weeks run-aways, meanwhile 1/3 of all dog owners will never see their best friends again!!! Do you have a missing dog or Any other harmed and scared animal on your concious?! Think twice before lighting that rocket!! Save The money and help a person or an animal in need instead of blowing up your money! Its not just disrespectful to Those who have very little, but Its Also Going to save many lives!

Sincerely yours with angry love Christina


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Karma is a bitch…at least The dogs are fed now!

This is what you get for making your dogs wait for Their food!! Since both of My babies are on a strict chicken and rice diet I have to prepare The rice once in a while before meal time and this is what I get for making The dogs wait… Haha, second degree burns or Whatever exists on My hand!! then again…Anything for My babies!! ❀



Hunk-a hunk-a burning hand love