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New year, new blog, new life!

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One little Word, a sound, a Place, can make a complete twist and turn, like Pavlovs dog I have a trigger signal that kickstarts a chemical reaction in My Brain!! It causes My Brain activity to go from Zero to a hundred in just an instant!

Welcome to My Brain!

And just as easily there are sounds, places and words that turns it off…

Right now I am in a red zone…
Anxiety and panicattacks building up…
Something kickstarted it… unfortunately The only thing that could turn it off right now is far away…



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Princess of China

This song creates a fuzzy feeling inside of me!! That kind of comfortable fuzzy… The magic of The music that casts a spell on me and makes me forget My worries…

Its a sad song though… The kingdom torn apart…
Princess song on Spotify

Love to be a princess, but The most princess of them all is My Kiara!!




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Keep your head together…

Maybe a Carrera Foldable helmet from LΓ€nna Sport is what Will keep My head together?!
This is most definitely The coolest helmet… It goes On My wishlist for Christmas! I have Been staying away from bikes… Fell off one 5 years ago in an accident and have avoided riding ever since!!

This helmet would have made a difference then… Check it out yourself… Isnt it a beauty?!
I’m a sucker for designs out of The regular! Time to face my fears and get back in The saddle!

Now Its meditation time!

Stay safe!



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Paper lovin

Whats it worth When all The “paper” in The world cant give you back what you lost? money will sometimes buy you happiness but it cant give you back whats in The past that once made you happy, only The memories Will last but they fade as Well with time… thats When you realise that you made The Wrong turn a long time ago, memories that were meant to stay longer in The moment Than just being a part of The past!! No money in The world can give you back what was once supposed to be… Its time for one of The WTF moments for My readers but I express myself like this and you may interpret it however you like it!

Nervous breakdown was just hanging like a stormy cloud around My head, and When you least expect it… A couple of nights ago it hit me…

I Will give you My opinion about The elections another day… Its Been a hell of a road to walk for me Lately and it shure as hell didnt make My weak heart stronger yesterday!

Surround yourself with The little things that make a difference, a positive difference…




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Imagine that…

…one day you wake up and it was all just a dream… It is better to have loved and lost Than to never have loved at all!!

I get pretty emotional from time to time , I knew I Should have started to play poker, I never show My true feelings… I hold it in until Its time… and now Its time for one of these moments When you stand at The cross road and The directions just isnt enough… You tend to get lost anyway because The path most chosen is not what it was once… (WTF moment?)

My therapist says that you can never predict The future but you can help to shape it with your own preferences…
After so many years in therapy I still dont see The Answers although I mold it after My wishes…

If I was a fairy granting People one wish…Can I really deny someone Their biggest wish by My own egoistic decisions? I know The answer to that one, Its sad I just cant fullfill it!

Should you continue to trick or treat or Should you just throw The trick in Their face straight away! The ultimate ultimatum!!!




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Today My bitch-mode is switched on!!! Saying anything out of importance Will make me bite your head off!!

No, Its not that time of The month…
I just am!!

Not that I Will meet all of you who read this in person, but if we do…
Do you want a coconut?
Do we have a Deal?!



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Birthday suit

Just chillin… We are born naked so lets celebrate The miracle of life by sleeping in The nude… Haha!!!
Usually I am dressed in a thermo outfit When Going to sleep!! πŸ˜‚

Had a great day … Turning 33 was just as wonderful as all The other birthdays before that and all that awaits ahead of me!!! Getting older is a blast!!
Come on 34…just a year left…πŸ˜‰

Been cheating with The Foods today… My body is screaming for me to stop… You know The expression: One gotta live a little and enjoy sweets and treats… Well that doesnt apply on me!!! I only felt nauseous all day from all The sugar I have Been consuming…

Love it sweet but only from natural

Stopped by Daniel Lugos salon to say Hi When Going back home… Mary got comfortable around The Place and parked in front of The gorgeous frame!!
Isnt she adorable on this picture… The head tilt is soooo heartbreakingly Cute!!!

And yeah once again Uber delivers in time! Dont forget to get your 100 crowns off you first ride here!!






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Uberlicious hand

Been to The ER yesterday… My right hand went crazy mad and started swelling and pulsating and all other kind of imaginable pain… The doctor told me to pop some pills and now I am better but still cant grip and have lost sensibility in The hand… Still question mark on The actual diagnosis… Dont care right now as long as it doesnt come back with that intensity…

By The way…Uber took me to The ER…
If you need a ride… Uber is The one to “call”

Register in The Link below and get 100 crowns off your first ride!!!

I love @Uber_Stockholm! Sign up using my promo code and get 100 kr off your first ride!

Love Uber



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Itchy & Scratchy

I am a perfect example of what happens When eating The wrong things…Last couple of days I have eaten sugar and other processed Foods and BAM I get all My allergies back and My body has started itching like hell and popping up acne like bumps… Sugar and processed food is a big NO NO!! WTF!! My face feels like Its burning… Not only did I have a fever this weekend but it shure didnt get Any better with wanting to peel my skin off from The itch!! I’m Going to take a cold long shower and see if I can wash off some or at least get some pain relief from The Icey feeling… Fun fact… I felt that My allergies werent as heavy this spring as other years before… Now I know Why!! Skip The shit and stay healthy…. I did The Discovery some other year as Well but I wasnt as convinced as I am now!!

I dont usually have duck lips, they automatically got as swollen and itchy as The rest of My body!

Time for Itchy and Scratchy show! πŸ˜ƒ

Love you all anyway!!