Christina Valente

New year, new blog, new life!

Fooood dilemma!!

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Todays reflection:
We say Peppar Peppar in Sweden to avoid to drag negativity to Us from the conversation…but…our Dogs havent Been ill for Almost 2 years now… And by that I mean less than before….We Been there 2 Times a year approx… Comparing to Marys health report before she was at the vets once a month… Now she has Been at the vets to check her teeth and to check her eyes and some elderly issues With her legs but nothing lifethreatening… Could the only magic trick that does The difference be the food? Guess what… I think IT is!!

They are only served chicken, rice and food in its purest form… To that I add vitamins and minerals like Spirulina and Other natural additives like eggshells to Maintain the balance in all nutrients… Once in a while I pop them some “treats” but thats It… No junk in their trunk!!!

Time for me to dump the junk as well… Yesterday I had all kind of sweets, potatoes and Langos and more junk… and guess how I feel today? 😬 Nauseous!! Eat to live not Live to eat… couldnt be more true now!!!

Love Christina


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